Get Involved

Reach Out and Read's impact is magnified and enhanced by the work and the dedication of thousands of volunteers nationwide. In fact, Reach Out and Read is one of the largest providers of volunteer opportunities in the USA!

Reach Out and Read's doctors, nurses, and medical staff all volunteer the thousands of hours they spend each year promoting early literacy and school readiness to over 121,500 children in Virginia.

Here are some simple ways you can become involved in Reach Out and Read:

Adopt an RORVA/D.C. Clinic:

Create a pleasant literacy rich waiting room in a local RORVA/D.C. program clinic:  Painting walls, artwork and murals; building or refurbishing bookcases and furniture; sewing window treatments…

Volunteer to read to children in a local RORVA/D.C. clinic.

Conduct an “RORVA/D.C. Give a Book – Change a Life” Book Drive:

Coordinate these drives through your local community organizations, workplace, church, local school, Girl or Boy Scout troops, professional organization or simply a group of friends in your area, and then distribute them to local RORVA/D.C. program waiting rooms after sorting.

Local bookstores are also often happy to hold book drives. These new books can be used for local RORVA/D.C. programs. We are always in need of local volunteers to coordinate these efforts.

Celebrate RORVA/D.C. Day:

Coordinate simple fundraising activities through your workplace or a local community or civic association in celebration of their commitment to their local community.

Become an RORVA/D.C. Literacy Ambassador: 

Volunteer to speak to local civic groups and other organizations about the Reach Out and Read program and to encourage these groups to become more involved in the programs. We can provide training and the materials.